Why pick between going to get bubble tea or ice cream when you could do both at one spot? Sometimes they'll even let you put the ice cream IN the bubble tea if you're nice to them.

It's this little hidden gem of a shop in Portland, Maine, called LE'CHA Cafe and I just discovered them the other day. They're right off Stevens Ave next to Pat's Meat Market (everybody's favorite local place to get steak tips).

I think the creativity in their available bubble tea flavors is what makes them really stand out amongst all the newly opened, TikTok trend-inspired bubble tea shops.

I'll also be the first to brag about how friendly their staff is. I was on rollerblades and was unsure if they'd let me come in like that. To my surprise, they laughed and welcomed me into the shop on wheels, so naturally I love them forever.

They don't really go out of their way to say they're the best online, which usually means they're actually the best.

Here's some Yelp reviews of locals that'll say it for them:

Donato G says;

"Some of the best gelato I've had. Really liked the whiskey chocolate. Panna cotta caramel was good too. So many creative and interesting flavors. Lots of vegan options if that's your thing.

For a gelato shop you would think they would have decent AC...it was hotter inside than out! Maybe that's the incentive to get you to eat more gelato."

Alison K says;

"Excellent gelato, can't fault it. This time I tried pistachio and amaretto which were both excellent. They were served at the right temperature which made the texture perfectly creamy and spoonable. I downed the cup so quickly without getting brain freeze! A must for a hot Portland day."

Ready for some bubble tea and ice cream?

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