You can still help Mainers fighting breast cancer and it's easier than ever!


This year, because we can't camp out at the Maine Mall and we can't go on the Can Van route and asking for donations for an on-line auction seemed like the wrong thing to do - we are trying to make it as easy as possible for you to help Mainers fighting breast cancer. It's a virtual year!



If you have a Clynk account, super easy. You can move money from your established Clynk account OR sign up to have bags you donate, go straight to Cans for a Cure! Either way, we apperciate your support.

You can also simply:


You can simply make a donation to help Mainers fighting breast cancer. But it's important to know where your money is going! It's going to two organizations working tirelessly to help Mainers fight breast cancer.


Dempsey Center

Visit here to learn more about The Dempsey Center. 

Maine Cancer Foundation

Visit here to learn more about the Maine Cancer Foundation.

This is the 18th year of Cans for a Cure. We are happy and committed to making a difference and help those that are fighting breast cancer. This is an effort that relys so much on YOU and YOU never disappoint. There are so many special people and organizations that are helping make 2020 a succesful year. We also appreciate the support of our amazing sponsors:

These organizations are very passionate about helping Mainers and have supported Cans for a Cure for many years. We simply couldn't do it without them.

For those of you who have lost loved ones, fought the battle yourself or are right now fighting breast cancer - we do this for you. Thank you for any donation you are able to make.