If this radio thing doesn't work out....


My very first stop on my very first day of Cans for a Cure was at Precision Collision in Limerick. Matthew Baron and everyone collects so many bottles and cans, I have to go straight from him to Clynk - by passing the ol' tent.

It's because they fill these giant bag thingys with bottles and cans. These bag thingys need to be loaded with either a forklift (that's what I drove last year) or for fun - they stuck forks on gigantic front loader!

What's great is that they make ME load every single bag. I'm scared to death and love every minute.


They just have me climb on in and then drive it. Yup.

But then they also reminded me that it was a brand new truck that Bill Dodge Autogroup gave me this year as a Can Van....no pressure there.


Thanks to Matt and the gang at Precision Collision. I just love those boys - they are as kind and generous as they are crazy. The perfect combo!


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