So many businesses have donated amazing items for you to bid on! And the best part? 100% of the money stays in Maine to help those fighting breast cancer!

The Cancer Community Center in South Portland (recently merged with the Dempsey Center) helps anyone who needs help. The money from this auction goes directly to them. The auction NOW LIVE! How exciting!

When my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer six years ago, I was so far away and didn't know how to help (Mom was in Idaho and I was in Maine).

I asked the Center for help. They set my mom up with a buddy, Mary Ann Brown. Mary Ann would talk to my mom and help her understand some of the treatments she would be going through. My mom loved Mary Ann...and so do I. My mom passed away four years ago...and I will never forget how helpful Mary Ann and the Center were to her...

The buddy program is just one of the many free services the Center provides thanks to your donation. So...get ready to get some INCREDIBLE deals on thousands of dollars worth of goodies! A lot of them, you can't buy! So often...and bid high!


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