There were so many amazing moments from Cans for a Cure 2018. Here are some of my favorites...

We'll go in order...this is Matthew Baron from Precision Collision. He's the guy with the front loader that he makes me drive. I love this guy.

This is Dr. Whitney Wignall and the gang at Southern Maine Pediatrics. With all she has going on, she still collected a ton of bottles and cans AND gave 500 dollars!

My two favorite people from Parsonsfield are 10 year old Riley and his older brother Bryce Deshaines. They organized a bottles drive that collected over 127,000 bottles and cans!! No kidding. They also always make me cry with their love for what they do and the respect for those we have lost.

Then J.R. Carter organized a fundraiser to benefit Cans for a Cure. J.R. is with the South Portland Firefighters local 1476. They raised 500 dollars! Look for details about their Checking for Charity coming up in March.

Then on the road, the Amy Alward Agency wanted to donated 10% of our goal - that's 10,000 dollars! That's exactly what they did! (love the giant checks, by the way). That's Amy.

I then got to see my buddy Kirsten at Food City. Kirsten has gone above and beyond for years - even building a shed to have people donate bottles and cans!!

And my bestie Lou. Her first Cans for a Cure. She devoured it like she does all things - with unbridled enthusiasm! She said she had a treat for me! A facial mask. Ugh. Seriously? I've never done one and I didn't want to start - but laughing with her as she put hers on...I couldn't help but want one too. Then we laughed, and laughed and laughed so damn hard we could barely stand. We even woke up Jeff. (shhhhhhhhhh was the most common thing said). One of my favorite moments by far...

Townsquare Media

There were so many 'moments' - Oxford Casino Hotels 37,000 donation and then upped it 40,000 to kick us over our goal. Elite Airways donating 2 pairs of round trip airline tickets to fly non stop to Florida. Fontaine Family Real Estate Leaders with their box truck that they somehow fill every year!

Thank you to everyone who always hops on board our Can Van Route...each an everyone of you helped this be the biggest year ever to help those fighting breast cancer in Maine!

Thank you!