It really was a terrifying goal this year for Cans for a Cure - but it was an even better reason to make sure we hit it.


This year the goal was to collect 2 MILLION BOTTLES AND CANS or 100,000 dollars!

The Cancer Community Center (recently merged with the Dempsey Center) helps anyone who needs help dealing with a diagnosis of cancer. And in Maine, breast cancer affects so many. They provide critical support before, during and after treatment. And not just for those who have cancer, but friends and family too. And all of those services are free.

That goal was gigantic and despite amazing generosity - it was really hard to get that amount of bottles and cans and cash. At one point, I had to be talked off a cliff..


So...I got over my little pity party and headed back to the tent! And things got serious!

One Stop Event Rentals who GIVES us the tent every year..needed it back at 4pm! Oh oh. The broadcast equipment was needed also from Otelco (formerly OTT Communications)! Oh boy. The RV from Whited Motor Home was gone! The volunteers from Clynk were just pooped having worked day in and day out counting and counting and counting!

It was time to get clever and get 'er done! We all started getting out our credit cards, listeners were calling left and right and then - Matt Gallagher from Oxford Casino Hotel popped back into the tent. He had heard that we were close...but just not quite there.

We weren't sure why Matt was there...he'd already been to the tent...and then he did what he seems to always do...



It truly does take a village and that village collected 2,001,327 bottles and cans for a total of


All to help those fighting breast cancer in Maine!

Giant love and thanks to Bryce and Riley and the entire community in the Parsonsfield area, the Amy Alward Insurance Agency for their 10,000 dollar donation and to the hundreds of people who collected bottles and cans, held bottle drives and donated all they could. Mainers are second to none in taking care of each other.

Thank you...

Clean up on aisle three....


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