Winter is knocking on the door and with it, the worry about paying to heat our homes in Maine. Governor Mills has announced a plan to help Mainers with those bills, but will you qualify?

Most Mainers Use Heating Oil

Over half of Maine homes are heated with oil which has risen significantly over the past two years. In December of 2020, home heating oil was selling for  $2.128 a gallon. By  2021 that price was up a dollar per gallon to $3.126 and the latest data for November of November 28, 2022 has the average price of home heating oil in Maine at $5.088 per gallon. That's a whopping 42% increase over the past two years.

Emergency Winter Enrgy Relief Plan

Governor Janet Mills announced her Emergency Winter Energy Relief Plan on December 6 which is aimed to give Mainers a boost to get them through the cold winter.

Governor Janet Mills via Facebook
Governor Janet Mills via Facebook

"With this plan, we hope to ease the burden on Maine people by putting money back into their pockets so they can better afford these costs and by ensuring that our most vulnerable citizens are able to stay warm this winter," said Mills in a press release.  "This approach builds on our nation-leading inflation relief measure, incorporates Republican feedback, and represents the most direct way to get help to Maine people as we work to bring down energy costs in the long-term."

Do I Qualify For a Relief Check?

Governor Mills propsal is expected to be voted on Wendesday by The Maine Legislature and if passsed, $450 checks will be mailed out to an estimated 880,000 Maine residents who are eliglble.

If you filed your 2021 tax return and your Federal adjusted gross income was less than $100,000 and you filed single or married filing seperatly, then you'll receive a check for $450. A person who files as head of household must have an adjusted gross income is less than $150,000 and couples filing jointly t must have an adjusted gross income less than $200,000 to be eligible for the $450.


Again, this all depends on if the Maine Legislature gives the two-thirds vote needed to pass the relief plan. If they do, then checks will start going out in the middle of January.

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