No Halloween Peeps, no Christmas Peeps and no Valentine's Day Peeps!


We all know Covid sucks, but to take away our peeps! CNN reported that the company that makes Peeps, Just Born Quality Confections, won't have the holiday peeps back in stores until 2021.

They are out of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and in April had to temporarily shut down because of the coronavirus to make sure their employees stayed safe. They started back up in May but with limited production.

They had to make the decision to not make peeps for Halloween (monsters, pumpkins, ghosts), Christmas and Valentine's Day to make darn sure they'd have them for the big peep holiday - Easter. They also make other candy, so they needed to give something up to make sure their other candy was made.

Peeps Facebook
Peeps Facebook

We love our Peeps. They would crank out about 5.5 million Peeps every day. That's roughly 2 billion a year.

Miss Peeps? Maybe you didn't know about the 'Peep Show' in Portland that debuted about 3 and a half years ago....


Yup. We love our Peeps alright...hurry back seasonal Peeps...hurry back.



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