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35 Silver Street | Portland, ME

The comfy cushions and low lighting at The North Point in Portland create the perfect setting if you're looking for a cozy place to enjoy a cocktail with your date. Plus, the stuffed flatbreads, crepes, and meat and cheese plates are the best snack between cucumber gin martinis.

No matter the season, The North Point delivers on coziness. The front windows are inviting, like you're walking into your best friend's house for a warm up on a chilly fall day. reviewer Nikki-Anne H. says, "Atmosphere is super cool here! I just want to take people that don't know anything about Portland here because it feels so unique."

I love a restaurant and bar that offers comfy couch-like seating. This cove of cushions near the front window is the best seat in the house and is perfect for low key snuggling while sipping a Ginger Germaine or a Pear Martini. reviewer Simone H. says, "I got the Ginger Germaine which is St. Germaine, bitters, a sugar cube, ginger, and prosecco for $11. They give you a little bottle of prosecco to top it off. Highly recommend this drink."

Why do drinks with fancy garnishes always taste better? I'm not sure of the science behind that, but they sure make for great photos. Make it your mission to visit The North Point and try one of the special cocktails... Or all of them. You'll be back more than once to sample all the options on the menu.

Take it from reviewer Jay F. who said, "So much about this tucked-away little place in Portland's Old Port keeps drawing me back, despite its cramped space and seemingly hidden spot."

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