769 Congress Street, Portland

Candlelight and aged brick walls, stellar food offerings, and carefully crafted cocktails with a craft beer list to satisfy the most discriminating of beer buffs... That's what you'll find at Bramhall on Congress Street in Portland, Maine. It's a bit off the beaten path but the extended walk from Portland's Old Port is worth it, especially if you're looking for something cozy, dark, and romantic.

In the basement of a building, exposed brick, archways, you feel like you are in the basement of some bar in Riga, Latvia in the basement of a medieval building. Candles light the joint, and small nooks and crannies of seating add to the romantic ambience and Bohemian vibe of this joint.

- David J. via


How about a four piece ensemble to provide the soundtrack for your cocktail sipping? Bramhall has a range of live music perfectly selected for the dark, cozy, brick-walled setting of their basement bar location.

Bramhall's food selection is no to be overlooked. Burgers, loaded crisps, and bar fare are always a win, but if you need something sweeter, try their rice krispy du jour. Yeah, a RICE KRISPY OF THE DAY. I'm so here for that.

I came here for a happy hour on a random Wednesday night and was so happy I did. First of all, the atmosphere here is unreal cool. It's like being in some old castle with candles and alcohol. Absolutely the best.

- Anna H. via


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