If you ask us, this is way cooler than what the Backstreet Boys announced they're doing to celebrate their 30th anniversary.

And Definitive Brewing is only celebrating its fifth year.

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Backstreet Boys 30th Anniversary

What do the Backstreet Boys have to do with Definitive Brewing? Promise, it's worth making it through this comparison. Because Definitive ends up looking so much better than BSB when it comes to anniversary celebrations.

Since the start of 2023, the Backstreet Boys -- at least on their Twitter account -- have been plugging "huge things" to celebrate 30 years. Last week, after days and days of teasing a major, massive announcement involving their 30th anniversary, they came out with, well...just this.

Oof. Their biggest fans, who literally hung on every BSB tweet since New Year's Day, responded with a mix of nonstop clown emojis, clown memes, and "That's it?" comments.

In comparison, the comments for Definitive Brewing's announcement about one of the ways it's celebrating its five-year anniversary are nothing but positive, excited, and hyped.

Because let's be real -- who gets let down by Definitive Brewing like, ever?

Christin Hume
Christin Hume

Definitive Brewing Anniversary Party

Next month, on Saturday, May 20, Definitive Brewing is throwing a massive party to celebrate its fifth anniversary. And massive isn't an exaggeration, because it's spreading over three Maine cities, taking place at all Definitive locations in Portland, Kittery, and Sunday River.

To hype the party -- which, according to Definitive Brewing itself, will have live music, food trucks, special releases, and more -- Definitive has created a gigantic bracket of every single one of its beers to see which DBC brew is everyone's favorite.

On top of that, anyone who guesses the two DBC beers to make the finals and face-off for the acknowledgment of being Maine's (and away's) favorite DBC beer will get a special anniversary prize.

But get your guesses in now on the bracket post by Definitive Brewing, because you only have until the end of today! And make sure you keep checking Definitive's Insta stories to vote on which DBC beers will keep advancing.

And there are the facts that DBC > BSB with anniversary celebrations.

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