A Portland woman shared this drawing of a castle like home that used to be on Munjoy Hill in Portland that may have been haunted and she's looking for any info or stories anyone may have heard about it.

Michelle Souliere of Portland posed this question in the Portland Maine Encyclopedia of the 1960s, 70s, & 80s Facebook group:

Hi folks! I have a question that may be too far back for most of you, but just in case someone once upon a time told you a story about it, I figured it was worth asking. Do any of you have any stories/recollections of hearing about a so-called "haunted house" or castle on Munjoy Hill? It's a crazy Gothic home just up the hill from the Observatory that was torn down in 1914, but I keep finding vague references to it being haunted (this may purely be because it LOOKED haunted). I know recollections about it were still lurking around as late as the 1940s/50s. Any thoughts or loose bits of story rattling around would be appreciated, as so far I have very little to go on so far!  Thanks guys!!!

Mansion on Munjoy Hill

Based on this drawing, it sure does look like it could be haunted. If you have any info or know anyone who has info, you can contact Michelle directly at michelle.souliere@gmail.com

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