Well if this doesn't scare the crap out of you, I don't know what will! There's a video that was shot on the Mass Pike in Newton that's getting national media attention today. In it, you can clearly see the driver, apparently asleep behind the wheel of the vehicle he's operating. It appears to be a Tesla, one of those new self driving cars. The problem is, it's not actually safe to let the car completely drive itself, according to a statement from Tesla:

“Our driver-monitoring system repeatedly reminds drivers to remain engaged and prohibits the use of Autopilot when warnings are ignored,” reads a statement from Tesla. “At highway speeds, drivers typically receive warnings every 30 seconds or less if their hands aren’t detected on the wheel.”

The fact that this happened here in New England is kind of freaking me out. And the fact that there was someone else filming this guy with his phone while HE was driving just adds to my anxiety about the whole situation. What is this world coming to?

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