Ever think you look terrible in selfies? Now there's scientific proof...you just might!


Researchers from Rutgers and Stanford found the problem with selfies...distortion.

Using a mathematical model, they found if you take a selfie from about 12 inches away, your nose will look 30% wider than in a photo taken from 5 feet.

Why research this? Because plastic surgeons say that how people look in selfies was often the reason they wanted a nose job.

According to the Press Herald:

In a 2017 poll, 55 percent of surgeons reported they had seen patients who sought plastic surgery in order to look better in selfies, the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons said.


I take horrible selfies and that was before I realized I had a huge nose!  I bet this doesn't slow down selfies at all...I think it will just make us all get 4 feet long selfie sticks.

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