It's a bizarre shifting of discount dollar stores in Lewiston as Family Dollar is opening a new location across from the one they vacated to make room for a competitor.

According to the Sun Journal, Family Dollar closed it's location at the Promenade Mall in Lewiston last summer so that it's competitor, Dollar General could open a store there. Dollar General has been aggressively opening stores in Maine in the past few years and the location on Lisbon Street was another recent opening.

What's so strange about it is that Dollar General occupies the space that Family Dollar was at, and now Family Dollar will be opening up a new store at the Lewiston Mall, directly across the street from its old location.

There'll be no shortage of dollar stores on this stretch of Lisbon Street with Dollar General, Family Dollar and Dollar Tree at the Shaw's Plaza all within half a mile of each other. For the record, Family Dollar and Dollar Tree are owned by the same company.

There's no word yet on when the new Family Dollar will open, but permits have been filed with the city of Lewiston so it should be sooner than later.


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