Their last day is Sunday.


There wasn't much of an explanation, but on their Facebook page they attempted the decade challenge and then announced their closing.

It's becoming quite commonplace to see restaurants that have been around for a while, closing.

Dave's is just the last in a long line of restaurants that have closed just in 2019. Is there oversaturation in Greater Portland? Or is this the natural ebb and flow of openings and closing in a foodie state? According to the Portland Press Herald this past December we lost...

...Silly’s, Lolita, Walter’s, Vignola Cinque Terre, Local Sprouts Cafe, the Irish pub Brian Boru and Andy’s Old Port Pub. And yet, roughly twice as many other restaurants and bars have opened to take their place. This was the year we welcomed Flood’s, Gross Confection Bar, CBG, Other Side Diner, Royale Lunch Bar, Maiz, Bird & Co, two cider houses, a whiskey bar, a cocktail bar and several smaller eateries.

Maybe our tastes are just changing faster these days. I'm sure something new and exciting will open in Dave's place..


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