Apparently earning the title of Best Bartender from The Portland Phoenix isn't enough to keep your post at The Snug Pub. The rumors are true. The Snug Pub announced on Facebook that Michelle is no longer employed by The Snug Pub.

Anyone familiar with The Snug at the base of Munjoy Hill on Portland's East End was familiar with the snarky treasure behind the bar most nights of the week. Michelle had her own special brand of customer service that included well-meaning NSFW jabs at all of the patrons cozied up to the bar. 

Michelle was every bit of crass, crude, rude, and offensive that you've heard about. If a seasoned Snug customer brought you in as a newbie, you'd be shocked to hear her free flowing diarrhea of the mouth concerning everything from sexual fetishes to her beloved dog.

Beyond her sarcastic shell, Michelle also had a heart... or at least a creepy need to touch everyone to her bosom via giant bear hug. Those who loved her, loved her enough to let her kiss their face and grope their bodies. Groping and insults while enjoying fast drink service was all part of The Snug experience with Michelle.

I have memorized some of my very favorite Michelle-isms: "Hey, did you just order a drink with grenadine? Your vagina is showing," to a male friend of mine. "That picture is definitely going in my spank bank," to a stunning lesbian couple. "Don't feel special, she brings all of her guys in here," to my former boyfriend. Of course, the list goes on and on, this is merely a snapshot. If you're new to town, or have never left, you must go to the Snug, it's not for the faint of heart or the self-serious, or anyone who doesn't want to hear the "C" word.

- Reviewer Melissa A.

Take it from Melissa. The Snug is not for the self-serious. Could that have been the reason behind Michelle's departure? Did the self-serious edge her out? It's all speculation and gossip at this point. Whoever runs The Snug Facebook page responded to user comments on Monday night that left patrons with even more questions.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 6.25.05 AM

Well, Snuggies, the Michelle Era has come and gone. Whatever the story behind her departure from the neighborhood bar, we hope she resurfaces somewhere in The Old Port soon. When she does, we'll know, because the brick sidewalks are sure to quiver beneath her step.

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