Anyone who has ever cozied up to the bar at The Snug knows the place isn't quite right. The bartender Michelle has been voted Best Bartender in Portland, like, a million years in a row and it's not necessarily because she makes a mean Jameson and ginger (she does, though). If you like your adult beverage with a healthy garnish of snark and uncomfortable potty humor, then The Snug is your new favorite neighborhood bar.

Now you can become a thread in the fabric of The Snug's legacy by applying to be their part-time bar manager. The Craigslist ad has all the details in full Snug-Snark fashion.

Somewhat friendly, neighborhood bar seeks part-time managerial-like person for a position that defies logic.

If the first line catches your eye, keep reading. The job requirements are... unique.

Some of our favorite highlights of the ad include: 

The ideal candidate should be tech-competent (with iOS, clearly...we're not monsters).


...Please respond to this ad with your contact information, the name of the celebrity you most resemble, an extremely brief description of your qualifications [no resumes, please], and your favorite joke.


...An associate degree in Defacement Abatement [aka Sharpie Removal Expert or Tagging Painter Overer].

Please, for the love of all things Irish and alcoholic, read this entire ad if you need something to fill your empty, humorless day. It's just too good.

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