Listen, I'm Portland's number one fan girl. There is no one who loves Portland more than I love Portland. I'm obsessed with everything from the historic mansions of the West End to the stunning ocean views on top of Munjoy Hill to the unique bars and eateries in the Old Port.

I have a completely biased view when it comes to Portland. If you really wanted my opinion, I'd tell you I think Portland does everything better than any other place in Maine. For purposes of this list, I tried to narrow in on very specific things I think Portland does better than anywhere else in Maine.

5 Things Portland Does Better Than Anywhere Else in Maine

Outdoor Bars

The Porthole is my favorite outdoor drinking spot in the summer. The view of the ocean and the city all at once is the perfect setting for a few drinks with pals. Brian Boru, Amigo Mexican Restaurant, and the outdoor area at Gritty's will also let you consume your adult beverages in the sun.

Live Cover Music

Sure, plenty of artists also play original songs in venues around Portland, but the cover bands absolutely crush it if you're looking to dance to live music instead of a DJ. Check out Bull Feeney's, Portland House of Music, or The Porthole for some live cover music.

Late Night Munchies (Or All of the Food Ever)

I rarely have a weekend that doesn't end at Blue Rooster Food Company. The tots are exactly what you need after a night of adventures in the Old Port. Plus, you'll always get service with a smile from my main man Brandon running the front end. Show me any other place in Maine that serves you fresh, delicious munchies until 2 AM with a more fun atmosphere than the Blue Rooster.

Dog Friendly Everything

Beaches, stores, bars... Tons of Portland businesses not only welcome dogs but encourage their presence. The Snug in the East End welcomes dogs. What about the health code, you ask? The Snug doesn't serve food. What if you want to eat food and have your dog with you while enjoying a drink at The Snug? They have a bring your own food policy. Amazing.

Coffee Shops Where You'll Actually Get Work Done

Hilltop Coffee Shop on Munjoy Hill is my new hang out spot but you'll also feel super productive at Bard, Arabica, or Coffee By Design (any of the locations!) The variety of coffee shops in Portland that have wifi, plenty of seating, and a cozy atmosphere beat out any other city in Maine.

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