It's The Little Things

In life, it's always the little things that make the longest-lasting impact. In relationships the grand gestures are great but it's the little moments that mean so much. Remembering their favorite snack, sending "Good morning" texts, cleaning snow off their car after a storm, etc.

Day to day life has these moments too. A smile walking down the street, someone paying for your Dunkin' in front of you at the drive-thru, a neighbor digging out your mailbox from the plow pile.

One little moment in Yarmouth made one resident's day.

Footprints In The Snow

This time of year is a bear for our mail and package carriers; USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL are putting in the hours as Santa's helpers to get our online orders where they need to be before the 25th.

It can be easy to just clock in, get it done, and clock out. But one FedEx driver is finding and spreading joy during his shift driving through Yarmouth.

Kristina O'Brien shared a photo of a surprise found in her yard.

She said in her Facebook post that she received a FedEx package. She noticed he took some extra time getting back to his truck but didn't think much of it. When she went outside she discovered what the driver did.

He left his footprints in the shape of a heart.

She doesn't know the driver's name or if the driver does this often or if they were randomly inspired at this delivery. Either way, it made Kristina's day and brought a spot of sunshine and joy to this hectic season.

It just goes to show that once again, it's these small sweet moments that leave a lasting impact.

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