Aunt Flo is knocking on the door...Jen wants to throw a Period Party! It's a thing!


You wouldn't believe how many companies and Pintrest pages there are devoted to celebrating a girl 'becoming a woman'! I am horrified, Jen thinks it's amazing, hysterical and can't wait to throw one!

She wants to throw a party with all the trimmings:

  • Games like - Pin the Ovary on the Uterus (I'm pretty sure she's kidding)
  • cake
  • party favors (don't ask)
  • the ceremonial burning of underwear (Jen's own twist)

The thought never crossed my mom's mind - but this generation is different and it could be because of a company called Menarche Parties R'Us that started a few years ago. They have your plates, cups, napkins (the kind for a party) oh and loot bags. They also have the Positively Puberty Game!

Then there's this going around...which I think is hysterical!


This BEGS the question...have you or WOULD you throw a party for your daughter's first period? Did you mom 'celebrate' you becoming a woman?

I remember having the talk with my mom when I was 9ish. Mom delicately went through all that would happen to me. I will NEVER forget what I told her:

Mom. I'm sorry that happened to you, but that is NEVER happening to me.

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