Since September of 2004 Mainers have been enjoying the delicious sweet concoctions Dean Bingham has made after opening Deans' Sweets. And he has enjoyed making them since he began the hobby as a somewhat casual, somewhat serious sideline.

With an architectural background Dean's high standards and attention to detail made truffle making an irresistible pursuit. The results are perfectly shaped, hand dipped, most delicious melt in your mouth truffles you'll ever taste. And it's not just me who will tell you that. In fact, it's the reaction of his customers after they take that first bite that keeps his passion alive. But Dean's Sweets is so much more than just truffles.

And business is booming for Dean and his partner in life, Kristin Binghamwho have just announced their plans to open a second location later in the Spring, at 54 Cove Street in East Bayside, reports.

In the meantime you can get your sweet treat fix at the original shop at 475 Fore St in Portland, or have the goods shipped anywhere!



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