Gorham High School administrators have decided not to allow any dances to be held this school year after issues with kids grinding and seem to point some blame toward Q97.9. 

In an email sent to parents of Gorham High School students, principal Chris Record explains the struggles administration has had to keep grinding off the dance floor.

"GHS administration, dance chaperones, some students, and some parents have struggled with the modern dance culture. It is by no means the students’ fault, but the dancing they have witnessed on MTV/VHS/movies involves primarily only sexually suggestive grinding," Record wrote.

He seemed to put some of the blame on us. You may remember a year ago when Gorham students walked out of a school dance DJ'd by Ya Favorite Homie JR,  because they weren't allowed grind. Homie invited students to the station to put them on his show to air their grievances.

Record says this made things tough for administrators.

"In fact, the story of the walk-out was utilized by radio station 97.9 to drive up their ratings all week (one of 97.9’s DJs had been the DJ at the dance). Some GHS students were invited on air to speak about the situation. This was a difficult time for our school culture, as GHS administration was being vilified by students, some parents, and on the radio airwaves," he writes.

Prom will remain, but any other dances for Gorham High School will not happen this year as administrators look for other opportunities for social events like bonfires.

Reminds you a lot of a certain movie doesn't it?



Well, maybe the 2011 version fits better in this situation.



Do you think this is really playing out just like Footloose? Do you think the administration is going too far? Do you think the music we play on Q97.9 has anything to do with it? Do you think it was wrong for us to put the Gorham High kids on the air to talk about it? We want to know what you think. Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter @Q979