It sells out wherever it goes in the country - and it's coming to Portland Tuesday. The name alone will sell it out...

When I saw Air Sex Championships - I truly thought, oops. It's a typo, but nope. Here's what the House of Music says are Air Sex Championships are. HINT: It's exactly what you think:

The Air Sex Championships is a comedy show that appeals to the voyeur in all of us. It’s a competition where the audience is invested in the outcome. It’s a safe, respectful, and thought-provoking show about how awesome sex is.

The show itself is simple – roughly a dozen competitors pretend to make love onstage with a partner who isn’t there while a panel of comedians/sex experts/celebrities judge their performances. The judges choose three people (sometimes four in the case of a tie) to move on to the final round. Then all three must perform to mystery songs and a winner is chosen by the audience’s cheers. No nudity, no physical contact with another person onstage.


Not a typo!


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