Guess who Lori met on Valentine's Day?


Lori met Lori. Yup...and it was slightly creepy and super cool!


Okay, okay...what?

Well, you see on Valentine's Day - we were invited to a taping of 'The Nite Show with Danny Cashman' Bangor...on Valentine's Day.

Uh, there was no way I was gonna do that. But Jeff and Lou were heading up to Bangor...without me! So, I had to be at two places at the same time.

That's where Full Court Press in Westbrook came to the rescue. I made a crazy call to them asking for a full size cut out of me.

They said, 'Sure.' Not only did they do the crazy thing of a life size photo of ME, but they did it in two days. Oh yes...I called with an insane request and a crazier time frame!

SIDENOTE: the first run of the cut out cut off my feet for some reason, so they did it again. That gave us TWO Lori's. I took the footless one home. Jeff took the perfect one to Bangor. I scared myself at LEAST a dozen times with coming around the corner to see me waving at me in the kitchen. Then I scared the poop out of the 12-year-old by putting it in her bed. We laughed until we stopped.


So thank you Jon (yes, no h) with Full Court Press...I am forever in your debt.

SECOND SIDENOTE: This picture was taken at Red Sox Cindy's house. She's a fan of the Q Morning Show and lives in Westbrook not far from Full Court Press. She invited me over to meet her dog Fenway, and kitties Mookie and Sox. So I did...thanks Cindy!


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