According to, Black Dog Syndrome is the phenomenon of black dogs spending a longer time in shelters looking for a forever home than their lighter colored counterparts.

Blogger for says that people pass on black dogs that would otherwise be the perfect family pet for a number of reasons. "Unclear facial features, dimly lit kennels, the 'genericness' of black pets," and negative portrayals of black dogs and pets in movies are all contributing factors to Black Dog Syndrome.

Take Jett, for example. Jett is a 5-month old lab/hound mix puppy at Great Dog Rescue New England. The rescue describes him as a smiling, happy, and smart pup who loves attention. He's been listed for adoption on and Facebook for months with no interest. The rescue believes that Black Dog Syndrome is at work with Jett.

Facebook via Great Dog Rescue New England
Facebook via Great Dog Rescue New England

You can help stop Black Dog Syndrome by considering a black dog when adopting your family pet. Remember what your parents always taught you -- It's what's on the inside that counts, not the color of their fur.

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