The first big storm of the year is here and it's big, and messy and dumping a lot of snow on the State of Maine. How much? Here are your latest official snow totals from across the state.

These totals are official observations from the National Weather Service in Gray and are automatically updated each time they put out a new report. As of this writing, the latest report was from 9 AM Sunday, but depending on when you're reading this you may see a newer report. Just look for the time and date at the top of the report.

Not all Maine towns are listed, so you'll want to find the one closest to you to get a general idea on how much snow you've gotten so far. Some reporting stations may not have reported any data yet, and there's a lot here, but look all the way to the final column on the right. Under "Snow" the number under the "new" column is what has fallen so far today.

If you're having trouble getting the report to load, click this link.

Keep checking back throughout the day to see the latest report that NWS published.

Stay off the roads if you can, stay home, and stay safe until this is over. At least there's no school Monday for MLK day and you might have the day off as well, so you'll have all day to shovel. Great huh?

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