Margaret Hathaway and Karl Schatz own 10 Apple Farm - and it's not about the's about the goats.

This sweet couple, and their three daughters live on a small farm in Gray. They decided to give up life in New York City and go back to Maine, where Karl is from. But before they did, they decided to raise goats. Not commercially, more as a life style.

By the way...a selfie with a goat is not as easy as it sounds.


They have written several books, including The Year of the Goat. I met them on one of their goat hikes they offer. It's a year round hike, but for some reason, the winter one seemed kinda fun. You literally go on a small hike with about 10 Alpine dairy goats.

They all have names, distinct personalities and yes...horns. Most goats on commercial farms DON'T have horns because they are cauterized soon after birth. But at 10 Apple Farm, it's not a commercial farm, and they wanted to leave the goats as they are naturally.

As we were making our way back to the barn, we came across their two Hungarian Wooly pigs. Their giant, giant pigs. This little one weighs 400 pounds...she's Anabeth, the baby.


Boudica, the 600 pounder didn't want to come out and play. Yes...600 pounds of giant pig.

On the hike, we chatted about what the goats eat, how they play, and then we were taught how to milk them. They must be milked twice a day. Hint: it's just like milking a cow.

Then we tried actual goat's milk to go with the fresh baked (literally JUST out of the oven) chocolate chip cookies. I'll be honest, I was reluctant to drink goat's milk. I just thought that it would taste like, well...a goat.

Nope. It was delicious and tasted like milk. Really fresh delicious milk.

The farm is so cool. It's just a family opening up their place for people to come and see what it's like and to learn a little about animals and living a sustainable life. The barn has chickens and goats and spiders. Check out these amazing cobwebs.


They even offer up a place to stay for a true goat Airbnb experience. I loved every second of my afternoon up in Gray Maine.

Oh and it's named 10 Apple Farm because they have 10 apple trees. Well, actually, they discovered they have 11, but that didn't have as nice of a ring to it as 10.

Wanna go? You'll love every second of it too.