Saving calories? Uh, it's a waste of pizza!


Do you NOT eat the crust on your pizza? Because no one in my family eats the crust on their pizza. See this? It's an entire large pizza from Otto's in South Portland. Not one single crust eaten. I do not understand this logic at all. They say it's because it's just extra calories and who needs it?


I need it! I need to not waste delicious pizza. Here's my theory: if you're eating pizza, you aren't watching calories!

Am I a freak for eating the crust of a pizza (sometimes the best part!), or do I live with a bunch of freaks? Do you not eat the crust of pizza? No wonder 3 people split TWO LARGE pizzas! Half of the pizza was left on the tray!

Here's to my terrible habit of eating the entire slice of pizza from beginning to crust!




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