So Oxford Casino is really getting behind the Q's Cans for a Cure. Fighting breast cancer has been a cause near and dear to Oxford since they opened, and they've teamed up with us to make Cans for a Cure even bigger - and it started Saturday. And then...well...I had to gamble!

The Q Morning Show was at Oxford Casino to actually collect bottles and cans for our huge bottle drive we do in October. Many people stopped by and gave a cash donation (5 dollars for 5 dollar free slot play) and cans! Check out this sweet mom and her daughter.

Cans for a Cure in March!

You may have noticed my hat. It's a VERY bright orange hat that says Oxford Casino. It was a tad nippy on Saturday and I forgot my hat - so when in Rome...I bought one! And I won't get shot by any hunters.

Speaking of being in Rome - we were in a casino! I wanted to play a couple of slots! So, going on my girlfriends (Wayne and Scott) advice I wanted to play the Wonder Woman slot and the Wheel of Fortune one.

I sat down with 3 bucks and viola - a couple of spins later I won 40 dollars!

Wonder Woman

Woooo whoooo! I cashed out and told Meredith and Jeff. Of course they were like, "What?!"

Then I thought, we'll I'll just cash out and take my winnings! It paid for my hat and lunch with change left over! But then I got the bug...and thought, I need to play the Wheel.

That's when something happened, the machine told me to look up at a wheel spinning and I won 75 dollars! Yup! In total I spent 3 dollars and walked out with 105.86. I'll do the math for ya - a profit of 102.86! The machine spit out a 100 dollar bill!

My winnings!

We'll be back up to Oxford Casino soon! Hope to see you there - just save me a Wonder Woman and Wheel of Fortune machine!

**that is the only color they had for the hat - and I was really cold!**