They were shooting for mid January to open...but didn't quite make it.


But it opened yesterday on Route One in Falmouth...


This replaced the old Pratt Abbott Dry Cleaners....and you'd never know that you once could get your sweaters dry cleaned here.

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This is the 6th Rosemont Bakery in Maine. If you've never been, its a treat. Fresh produce, meats, deli, tons of cheeses, fresh made sandwiches, did I mention lots of cheeses.

I'm trying to remember bringing in my dry cleaning to this place - it's completely transformed. Now, they just gotta work on that parking lot. It could use a little love. There are a ton of pot holes and the drive thru is still there, but not used. Old Pratt Abbott's had some super odd shaped buildings, and the one on Route One in Falmouth was no exception.

So, leave your sweaters and shirts you need pressed at home - but if you are in the mood for some yummies - IT'S OPEN!!