I disagree so often with Donald Trump, that I actually am quiet 99% of the time. But I actually agreed with him on this tweet...


First, let me just say that no one is more shocked that I agree with Donald Trump than me. But he's got a point here.

The 3 UCLA basketball players who were detained in China because of a shoplifting incident were all released...in part because of President Trump speaking directly with China's president.

One of the players father, LaVar Ball (Big Baller Brand and braggy dad of LiAngelo Ball) said, 'Who?' when told about President Trump.

As you can imagine, Trump did not care for that and tweeted:


I gotta side with Trump on this one. First of all, what idiots for shoplifting, Then to have dad say that is just disrespectful. It's China. They could have spent years in prison...

I will give credit to the players for NOT being a jerk like LaVar. They all thanked the President in a press conference when they got back.

Trump has been president for almost a year. One tweet I liked...not bad.

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