After much rumor and speculation, it's now official.

The famous Portland Pie Company will be opening up a pizzeria and pub in Windham.

Of course we'll have to wait until the coronavirus thing is finally behind us, but work continues on the new location.

Windham residents started buzzing last year about what is going in the former Friendly's restaurant located near the Windham Mall. Construction had begun and the Friendly's colors of red and white had been painted over gray.

All kinds of theories were going around about what could possibly be going in there, but the prevailing one was Portland Pie Company. It turned out to be true as signs have now gone up.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Construction seems to be moving right along, but when the new Portland Pie opens is likely up in the air at the moment. Until the order is lifted that closes restaurants in Maine to inside dining and only allowing takeout, drive-thru, or curbside pickup, the Windham Portland Pie Company will have to wait for a full opening.

Once the construction is finished, they would be allowed to serve takeout if the order is still in place.

Now, the next question on our minds is what's going into the former Pizza Hut behind Portland Pie?

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