Ok, obviously the short answer is no, but...

When I was a young teenager, there was no internet. Cable TV only had about 18 channels. And if you wanted straight-up satire for your own comedic enjoyment, you had to go out and buy it. Literally. The biggest printed laughs always came in the checkout line of any grocery store. Because that's where you'd find the copies of Weekly World News.

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Sure, there was The Enquirer, The Sun, and all that other garbage. But the Weekly World News never tried to be something it wasn't. Want a cloud that looks like Satan? They have you covered. Plus, who could possibly forget Bat Boy? Remember that frightening Little Photoshop of Horrors?

WWW has featured Maine before...

A while back, it was "reported" in the Weekly World News, that Maine had simply disappeared. Obviously, we're still here. Or are we??? Well, since I paid almost $50 to fill my Honda CRV yesterday, sadly, I'd say we're still here. But this week, we made into their hallowed pages for our efforts to curb rising sea levels... By nailing the waves to the shore. Hahaha!

The man in the "article" claims he's making a ton of progress, but that if the nails didn't work, he was going to move onto the duct tape next. I respect the effort that may, or may not, be going into this. Well, definitely not. Because, you know... satire. But I want to believe there's someone out there just crazy enough to try.

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It probably won't be the last time Maine makes it into the hallowed pages of Weekly World News. We're a crazy bunch up here that does enough stupid things in real life. So maybe this guy really is trying to nail waves to the shore... Hmmmm....

It's always fun to feel like you're somehow connected to famous people, right?

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