Cops never know what they're going to run into day to day.

I imagine that it's not the least bit boring, being a police officer. Everyday probably brings crazy new adventures. I've had many cop friends over the years that have shared all manner of stories. From smart criminals, to stupid ones. But sometimes they're also presented with situations where you simply have to improvise.

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For instance, what do you do as a police officer when you get a call that there's a horse just trotting around town? Not a big deal if the horse has a rider. But what if it doesn't? What if it's just some farm animal or pet that has just taken off? The cops will have to improvise and get the situation handled.

This just happened in Glastonbury, CT.

Police lights

Check out this video from the Glastonbury Police Department. It's amazing. It's just a beautiful horse, trotting away down the road. It also just happens to have a police escort, because you know... horses aren't supposed to be in the road. But what's even funnier, is the reaction of the officer who's driving the car right behind the horse. Check it out...

You can tell that this is some thing that doesn't happen everyday around there. Although, it seems to happen around New England quite a bit. We've certainly had our fair share of horse stories in Maine, as well as New Hampshire. But also other farm animals.


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Remember the bison that were on the lam up in Aroostook County? Heck, even Portland has gotten in on the action before, when this police officer was escorting a pig on a leash. Animals are always gonna do their thing, but it's always hilarious when they remind us that they're still kind of wild, even if they live on a farm.

Hopefully this never happens because the police are following it...

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