It's no joke that we love eating lobster. Lobster rolls, lobster scampi, or just the traditional steaming it and eating it, it doesn't matter, it's all delicious.

Did you know that there is actually an annual lobster festival in Auburn, Maine?

What makes this lobster festival even more unique is the fact that it started out as an April Fools Day joke! Let's be honest, it was a cruel joke, but luckily for us, it became a reality.

How did the joke actually start?

According to the Auburn Lobster Festival, it all started as an April Fools joke on the City of Auburn, Maine Facebook page.

Yup, that's right, a Facebook post was put out there saying that they were going to have a lobster festival that would be serving up "local lobsters fresh from the mighty Androscoggin River."

That April Fools Day joke back in 2021, is now happening!

On the City of Auburn, Maine Facebook page, they announced that even though snow may be in the forecast, the Auburn Lobster Festival is happening on May 6, 2023.

What can you expect at the Auburn Lobster Festival?

Well, according to the Auburn Lobster Festival website, you can expect to hear some live music from Michael Corleto, David Young & The Interstate Kings with Ashton Butler, and Skosh.

You can also walk around and enjoy some delicious food trucks. Pinky's D Poutine Factory, Roaming Eats, Ye Olde Fish & Chips, and L/A Taco are all expected to be at the Lobster Festival this year.

You're going to need something to wash all the food down, luckily, some of Maine's finest breweries will also be at the festival.

You can find all the details about the Auburn Lobster Festival here.

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