The 24-hour diner that we knew as Denny's on Congress St. in Portland permanently closed down in September of 2022 after 43 years. According to News Center Maine, Denny's was forced to shut their doors due to the building being sold for other purposes.

The fact that the building was for sale for quite some time leads me to believe that the plan for a roundabout wasn't originally in the works.

Portland Press Herald reported that the Maine Department of Transportation purchased the building in order to make a roundabout near the Exit 5 ramp on I-295, and it appears work will begin very soon.

Also, according to Portland Press Herald, the Department of Transportation hired a company to demolish the building within the next month. They also claimed that the removal of the building will allow the reconnection of the Libbytown neighborhood that was separated back in the '60s due to creating the I295 ramp.

The Press Herald also reported that the project plan is to improve the way residents and visitors navigate through the neighborhood. If you have ever driven on those side streets, you're probably well aware it can be quite difficult to get where you need to be with small one-way streets.

That part of the project will be helpful for neighborhood residents and people that frequent the area regularly. What's in it for the rest of us? Great question. The Portland Press Herald also stated that the project would put an end to the one-way streets to Congress St and Park Ave.

Google Earth
Google Earth

I've been so used to navigating my way through this inconvenience over the last 23 years that I've lived here, but it appears this will be a significant help with traffic and less obstacles to get from point A to point B.

The Denny's on Brighton Ave closed suddenly back in 2018. Sadly, if you're in Southern Maine and craving a Grand Slamwich or a Moon's Ovet My Hammy, you will have to make a trip to Auburn. 

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