Before I tell this quick story, let me start by giving you a disclaimer. I know that it was absolutely my fault by mistakenly leaving my wallet at my parents' house as I was trying to fly back home to Maine from New Jersey. Now that we've got that out of the way, let me walk you through how I had to pay for my mistake in a super violating way (mostly because it's too hilarious not to tell you).

I found out the hard way at the TSA line that I was just about to make the one mistake you don't make in an airport: forget your ID. My flight back to Maine was boarding in 20 minutes, and I panicked upon realizing my debit card, ID, Passport, and everything else that proves that I'm the human on my boarding pass was now an hour away on my parents' kitchen counter.

However, to my surprise, apparently you can still fly within the states without showing your physical ID. will explain more of those rules and regulations if you need to know, but I'm gonna explain more on what my personal experience ended up like.

Picture this. TSA has now pulled me into the back room, made me take off all my clothing aside from my shorts and sports bra, and made me hand over my phone while they patted me down as they asked me 100 security questions.

There I am, standing there in my pink nike socks that they also eventually had me remove as they scanned me with their little wand thing, asking me what my parents' birthdays are and where my very first address was located. Long story short, I'm unsure if this was just how this airport got down or maybe this particular officer felt a little bit of power in doing this process so aggressively, but it was super violating.

The way the officer asked the security questions was so aggressive, as if I was about to get booked into jail. The way they took my phone and all my personal belongings out of my backpack to wipe it all down with some weird security cloth just felt unnecessary. And of course, the big one here: I had to remove my socks in a dirty airport as if I had something hiding in there. Nope, just forgot my damn wallet. What a wild ride.

This is the stuff I can't get mad at though, because it creates some good content for Krissy in the Morning, so thanks, super aggressive TSA man.

Oh by the way, they did allow me on the plane after three hours of stress and running around talking to 10 different TSA officers, but I'll never forget this trip.

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