The Adam Sandler movie Anger Management was a 2003 blockbuster success, bringing in more than $42 million in its opening weekend. This comedy with Adam Sandler and the incomparable Jack Nicholson was overflowing with the Who's Who of Hollywood, and had several celebrity cameos including John McEnroe, the tennis phenom known for his on-court temper.

Another one of those cameos was the legendary University of Indiana Hoosiers basketball coach known equally for winning trophies and throwing tantrums. Yes, I'm talking about Bobby Knight, who passed away on November 1, 2023. One of the more publicized moments that he's widely remembered for is throwing a chair onto the court during a 1985 game.

In this absolutely hilarious scene in Anger Management, Adam Sandler's character shows up for his first day of anger management class with Jack Nicholson's character, and runs into Bobby Knight in the waiting room. Bobby gets angry when he finds out he's been sitting in the wrong waiting room because he's there for a sexaholics anonymous class.

Here it is. And even if you never saw the movie you'll totally get a good laugh, I promise.

After the announcement of Bobby Knight's death at 83 years old, Adam took to his Instagram to share a heartfelt goodbye that included a personal anecdote involving his own father. It's so sweet, and clearly stayed with Adam after all these years.

Sending love to coach’s family. Won’t ever forget how much fun we had together making Anger Management. And won’t ever forget my pop being sick and Bobby calling him to lift his spirits. RIP Bobby.

RIP Bobby.

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