It's pie time, friends.

Although you can enjoy a scrumptious slice of pie year-round, this dessert is all the rage this time of year. Everyone's passionate about their favorite pie flavor(s) and which ones are the best, whether that's apple, pumpkin, blueberry, pecan, or something else. Yours truly loves pumpkin pie, but has a fondness for apple as well.

A recent study by Wisevoter decided to crack down on people's pie preferences once and for all by determining the top flavor in each US state. Before diving into the results, Wisevoter shared a few fun facts about the popular dessert.

For instance, did you know that one in five Americans has eaten an entire pie by themselves, and that 32% of folks prefer no crust on top of pies? This writer has yet to devour an entire pie singlehandedly, but has nothing against crust.

But enough of our blabbering. Which pie flavor was deemed the most popular in New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, and the rest of our New England states? Let's find out.

These Are the Most Popular Pie Flavors in Each New England State

Gallery Credit: Meg

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