YAY, dogs in authority!

Meet K-9 Sauer, the newest addition to the South Portland, Maine, Police Department.

Look how handsome he is.


I've always said dogs are smarter than humans, they just don't want us to know. It's a part of their plan.

Now look!

The South Portland Police Department said in a Facebook post that K-9 Sauer, (an adorable yet badass German Shepard) just walked across the stage to graduate from The Maine State Police Patrol School. Go buddy, Go!

He is now the official partner of Officer Collins, who, as you can read in the post above, has gone above and beyond to make sure Sauer is ready for his next mission. We love to see it.

Here's a quote from southportland.org about police dogs:

"Police dogs are of great value to law enforcement because they have unique qualities that can be used to help the police do their job. By using the dog's acute sense of smell and hearing and by developing the dog's overall abilities, police dogs can perform the following duties: Officer Protection, Building Searches, Evidence Recovery, Narcotics Detection, Area Searches, Tracking, Suspect Apprehension, Public Relations."

Have you ever been randomly selected at an airport for one of these pups to sniff your bags for drugs? TERRIFYING. I don't have any drugs on me nor do they but somehow the second I see these dogs, I somehow think I've got something in my purse I must have forgotten about. YOU DO IT TOO DON'T LIE.

Anyways, these K-9 dogs offer us great protection and are such a help to humans in ways we might have never known before now.

Congrats to K9 Sauer!

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