What's better than one radio station raising money to fight breast cancer? TWO radio stations! We are going bigger this year than ever before (which is the goal right?) and continuing our annual Cans for a Cure on the Q for the 21st year!

Just because Lori switched over to the WHOM Morning Show as I took over the Q Morning Show, doesn't mean we have to stop helping with the fundraiser!

In fact, I'm honored to be able to help carry on the torch for such a touching and rewarding program. My mother, (a true angel), is a badass breast cancer survivor, so I'm absolutely going to dedicate my dedication to her.

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Townsquare Media

Once I signed onto the Q, I knew this program was something very near and dear to my heart that I didn't want to let go of once I took over the morning show. With that being said, we're continuing to go all in on the Q baby!

As a former bartender, I've already started by reaching out to all the bars in Portland I've worked at over the years who are very eager to save their cans for us to donate.

That's one thing I've always loved about Portland, the community is very supportive of one another. So if you're also a bar owner reading this, or happen to know one, please help us get this across their desk just in case they'd like to join in on saving lives as well!

Teaming up with Lori and Jeff, who are now on 94.9 WHOM and have been doing Cans for a Cure for over 20 years, is going to be amazing as we take the power of two radio stations to raise money for a good cause.

Do you want to get involved? Find out more info on Cans for a Cure right here.

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