Former News Center Maine anchor, Lee Nelson, broke the Internet earlier this fall when his modeling photos hit Facebook. Who knew he was hiding a rock hard 6-pack under those well-tailored suits?

After the photos hit they were shortly followed up with a retirement announcement after 30 years on News Center Maine.

Retirement isn't going to be golfing, fishing, and sleeping for Lee. Not even close. He's now following another passion, fitness training.

While all of that is impressive, here at Q97.9 we felt like another local broadcasting legend was being overshadowed. Another impeccable body, covered, not by suits, but flannel, and graphic t's. And, of course, her iconic, affectionately named, "lesbian clogs".

Ladies and gentlemen, I am, of course, talking about the legendary, Lori Voornas.

Stewart Smith Photography/Townsquare Media

Both talented people looking great against the brick and window aesthetic. (I don't remember buying tickets to the gun show!)

Stewart Smith Photography/Townsquare Media

Touchdown, indeed!

Townsquare Media

Lori got these muscles in only two days. Ask her how you can too!

Townsquare Media

Breaking a sweat with these bad boys.

Townsquare Media

Who knew this was what Lori was hiding after all these years?

Thankfully, no retirement announcements from Lori anytime soon. Those pecs are here to stay on The Q Morning Show!

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