As we get close to the date of a potential Nor'easter for Maine on Tuesday, the forecast has taken a turn for the better, or worse depending on how you feel about snow.

Last week the forecast showed a possibility of a winter storm that could dump as much as a foot of snow on Maine. Meteorologists like Keith Carson live for this sort of thing while some of us really dread it. We get it. This is what they're passionate about.

But weather forecasting, for as accurate as it is in the 21st century, is not an exact science and Keith was hopeful, but not convinced that we'd get that "perfect" storm for snow.

As with all forecasts, as we got closer it became more clear. Turns out this would not be the snowfall jackpot winter lovers were hoping for.

So now the storm is within 36 hours of arriving and it looks like we'll top out around 6 inches of snow from Augusta south and around 8 for northern Maine, the mountains and the foothills Tuesday and Wednesday. There's also a good chance it will switch over to a mix or some rain away from the mountains and foothills.

That's manageable for those of us who don't enjoy back breaking shoveling. Sorry snow lovers. It looks like we'll still have to wait for this season's big one.


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