I am not the type to by myself nice jewelry. I think I paid $28 on a ring once because I really wanted it. I’m not against higher-priced jewelry. Want to hook me up with something nice as a gift? Go for it. My budget just doesn’t have room for a $200 pair of earrings.

The problem is that I really like jewelry, especially earrings. You probably wouldn’t know that if you saw me day to day because 95% of the time I go back and forth between silver hoops and gold hoops. It all depends on the outfit, of course.

While I love my hoops part of the reason I stick to those basics is that it’s so hard to find reasonably priced jewelry that isn’t overly tacky or formal. The fake diamonds were great for prom, not so great for a 32-year-old that just wants to look cute on a Wednesday.

While walking through The Maine Mall last week I discovered the holy grail of new stores, Lovisa.


Opened less than a month, Lovisa is a budget-friendly chain with locations across the country with the next closest location in Burlington, Massachusetts.


They have everything; rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, hair accessories, and more! I especially loved the rack of 4 pairs of earrings for just $15.


Like black/edgy styles? They have a display for that. Silver? Gold? Rose gold? Whatever you’re looking for they likely have.

And even though it’s for the budget baddies out there they still have nice touches that make it feel like a more sophisticated shopping experience, like the fashionable tiny bags they place your new bling in. The staff is super friendly too!


So whether you’re shopping for prom, your wedding, date night, or for around the office, run to the mall to check out Lovisa!


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