We in Maine know that we've got it made; vacationland is hands down the best place to live. USAToday recently published a list that ranks states in livability based on 10-year population change, annual unemployment and poverty rate, and life expectancy at birth. Here are Maine's stats for those measures:

10-year population change: +1.4% (4th smallest increase)

Annual unemployment rate: 3.3% (12th lowest)

Poverty rate: 11.1% (16th lowest)

Life expectancy at birth: 79.3 years (23rd longest) 

Granted, this list doesn't directly include beauty of state, resilience and friendliness of citizens, quality of seafood and beer... but maybe that all plays into life expectancy a bit.

All other New England states did very well in the list, with Rhode Island at 15th, Vermont at number 9, and Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts at 3, 2, and 1 respectively.

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