Saturday Night Live kicked off the May 11 show with a cold open of Meet The Press with Cecily Strong playing Maine Senator Susan Collins.

After last week's fantastic show with Adam Sandler, SNL got right back to the politics with a spoof of NBC's Meet the Press featuring a Republican panel of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senator Lindsey Graham and Maine Senator Susan Collins.

Cecily Strong does a very good, albeit a little over the top, impression of Senator Collins. It's way better than Lori's impression, but don't tell her that.

The premise of the skit was how the Republican Senators support anything President Trump does. Honestly, it wasn't that good and wasn't that funny, but the Senator Collins impression is spot on.

You might have a different opinion, so here it for you to judge for yourself, but can we get Adam Sandler back for next week?



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