Senator Susan was with the Q Morning Show Friday morning for her annual lobster bake. She was met by 12 Q listeners and protesters!

Apparently it's old hat to have protesters when you are such a pivotal senator in such a controversial administration. She says they follow her at her home, when she gets off airplanes and even at lobster bakes. She takes them in stride as it is their right to be there...

We wanted to have fun...but I definitely had to ask the Senator about well...that supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.


We were also asking about her husband Tom Daffron. She is about to celebrate her 6th wedding anniversary and low and behold...there is not only an Idaho connection - but a Lou connection!!


And of mention lobsters and NewsCenter Maine's Lee Goldberg was there!


Overall it was an amazing morning. I'm constantly surprised that the Senator comes to this. I asked her in private...'Why?' She said that she really looks forward to it. And I can imagine with what her job is on a daily basis...this is a nice retreat.

I cannot thank Ethan and Damon from Portland Lobster Company for putting on what was a beautiful and delicious lobster bake. New this year was coleslaw with dried was yummy!

Thank you to everyone who made this was a really fun morning!



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