She's baaaaaaack. How I still don't know, but Senator Susan Collins found time to come back for our annual lobster bake with you on Friday July 27th!

Senator Collins continues to be a pivotal voice in Congress. Last year's lobster bake was at a time when Senator Collins was on TV almost daily. This year...close to the same!

Last year the big question was, 'Will she run for Governor? This year the question will be,  'What the what?'

Wanna sit in on what will be THE lobster bake of the year all put on by Portland Lobster Company?


Portland Lobster Company
Portland Lobster Company


They will prepare fresh lobster, steamers and corn on the cob! We will broadcast our show live on the deck of the Q Studio and chat with Senator Collins and enjoy Maine's best food!

How can you get in on this? Listen to the Q Morning Show Wednesday 7/17 - Tuesday 7/24/18. We want to know, if you get the chance, what is the ONE question you'd ask the Senator? If the Q Morning Show likes your question, you and a guest are in! Think like we are the judges of America's Got Talent.

A big thank you to Portland Lobster Company and Senator Susan Collins. Now..let's eat lobster!

Here's a peak at what it looked like last year!

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