Since moving to Maine, I've explored, and I have found many wonders from the mom and pop stores to the world-famous Rennys to the fab-tastic restaurants. I recently stumbled across the Gogo refill shop, which I find enlightening because it's an entire store a product that can be reused and recycled.

In this photo below, I see bars of soap that are capable of doing just about everything. She describes how people ask about switching bars of soap constantly, to shampoo or to clean your house, or to wash your body. Come to find out these bars will clean anything you need them too.

I use this soap at home called Dr. Bonner's, and when I would go to the Co-op in Vermont, I would often refill those containers. They have the same system set up as well where if you buy a liquid product, if you run out of it, you can bring the container back and refill it, so we're not putting more plastic in our landfills. This action shows creativity and kindness to mother earth.

This last product is a little bit more controversial; it is called washable, reusable toilet paper; there's no other way to describe this and people from the comments as you can see view it as a hit or miss on this. Still, it's basically the same concept as a cloth diaper you use it, and then you wash it, and then you have the option to use it again. If you think the concept is disgusting well, then clearly, you have never run out of toilet paper, this a great last resort concept.

So in closing, if you're someone that absolutely is pro environments this seems like a store you should check out, what are your thoughts will you check out Gogo refill?

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